Welcome to Gedney Tree Care: providing complete, aesthetic and functional Tree and Shrub Care services in Westchester for over 60 years.

We plant trees for ones we cut!

If we remove a tree at least 8'' in diameter,
we will plant one tree in one of our National Forests!

We partnered up with Arbor Day Foundation to bring this free gift to our clients!

As grand as they are, our National Forests are in desperate need of replanting because of recent unprecedented fires.

We want to do our part in restoring our National Forests to their full grandeur.

For every tree of at least 8’’ in diameter we cut for you, we plant a tree free of charge in a National Forest, and send you a card from the Arbor Day Foundation showing a tree was planted.

You can send someone their own Give-a-Tree Card - just visit arborday.org/giveatree

Are you searching for a reputable tree care company to maintain your property?

Marc Mollicone, ISA Certified Arborist

The art of landscaping can greatly increase the value of your individual or business property, and our qualified Arborists are ready to make this come true for you. 

Marc Mollicone, the owner and operator of Gedney Tree Care, is an ISA Certified Arborist and is fully licensed and insured and gives only complete and comprehensive tree care services. 

A tree is a living thing. It's integrity and stability can change over time. We give free estimates for any tree damage, and can also check out cracked or damaged limbs and trunks.

The National Arborist Association recommends you hire only professionals for your Tree maintenance
"My goal is to make my customers’ property not only look beautiful, but more importantly, to manage plant health so that it is safe, healthy and balanced.

Over the past few years, my main focus has been on finding natural and environmentally safe methods to treat common problems that effect the health of plants."

~Marc Mollicone, Certified Arborist

Organic Pesticide Free Property Monitoring

I bet you right now you are doing some unnecessary services to your property...
…this can cause more harm than good!


Chemical Fertilizers create unnatural forced growth.

 This forced growth causes weak branches, increase disease and insect infestation.


Pesticide sprays kill the beneficial insects

Classic pesticides also kill the beneficial insects that are intended to help control the harmful, damaging insects.


Toxic Long-term Effects

Furthermore, the unhealthy effects these pesticides can have on you and your family are not worth the risk.

There is an alternative to these harmful products

We figured out a way to use nature’s natural defenses to help us keep your property beautiful, healthy and balanced. In the end, this approach to plant health care will:

Save you money

Keep your family safe

Preserve the Environment

We offer contract work in different time frames, depending on your needs.  Our Arborists work with a predetermined budget on large jobs, and we apply sound business and management practices throughout the operation of our company.
It's just one more way we prove our stability as the area's foremost tree care company.

Our services

Here are some of the services we offer, click on any of them for more info:

All Natural

100% Natural Tree & Shrub Care

Rare Tree & Shrub Planting

Liquid Organic Deep Root Fertilization

Cabling and Bracing

Resistograph Testing

for wood decay

Crown Reductions

Large Caliper Tree  Installations

Intensive Care Services 

for  declining and construction damaged trees.

Tree Care Consulting

Tree and Stump Removals

Tick Control

Mosquito Control